Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Locked Into A Contract?

Nope! Cancel at anytime!

One of the advantages of paying a small amount monthly instead of a large amount up front is that in order to keep your business I have to be a good partner for you. I offer a discount for annual payments if you prefer to pay that way but even in that case I still need to deserve your continued support year-to-year.

Is It Easy to Create My Site?

Yes! You can edit all the writing, upload pictures and write blog posts yourself!

As soon as you sign up your new site will be created with example pages. You can simply edit those pages to match your business. I'm also available to help out if you get stuck or confused!

Is There a Guarantee?

Of course!

There is a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If you try out BoostBnB and aren't happen for any reason within the first 30 days I'll refund any fees paid. (And apologize for disappointing you.)