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Dec 1
Remove Keywords

Reducing Your Marketing Cost With Negative Keywords

This post on Little Hotelier had 10 points to boost revenue. It got me thinking… Boosting revenue is a good idea. Even better? Reducing your costs! While increasing revenue might make you more money, reducing your costs on the same amount of business goes straight to your income. One of the best places to look

Jul 7

Bed and Breakfast Resources

I had hoped that I would be able to find a wide range of online resources dedicated to Bed and Breakfasts. It turns out that there aren’t very many! I have only found a couple so far that are actively updated and maintained: Little Hotelier Blog – Blog dedicated to small accommodation businesses. The B and

Oct 26
Welcome Sign

Welcome to BoostBnB

Why BoostBnB? Well, when I was preparing to propose to my wife I started hunting for a nice Bed and Breakfast for us to stay in for the weekend. I was struck by how many of them had websites that were terrible representatives of their business. I started asking questions and found that most B&B